"Flight of Angels" Memorial Plaque


"Flight of Angels" Memorial Plaque


An incredible opportunity for you to honor a hooman or animal companion that has transitioned.

"Flight of Angels Memorial: A Home for Angels to Gather."

The Daddies and The Gnomes have agreed that we want to make our new fence serve a special purpose...a memorial for all those that have touched the lives of the Ohana. 

Papa Michael and Daddy Jeff considered on several occasions to have memorial plaques for loved ones that had transitioned. When we explored the options we often found that the cost was out of reach for most...$100, $200, $500 or more. While the funds would have helped fund nonprofits we still felt that the cost was steep, and likely something that most people could not afford. We started talking years ago that if we ever had the opportunity we would create our own memorial and make it affordable to as many as we could. Now that our new solid wood fence is being installed we finally have the opportunity to make this dream a reality.

We will be offering to the Ohana, as well as their friends and family the opportunity to purchase a plaque and have it placed on our "Memorial Fence".

The Details:

1) You may create a plaque for hoomans and animals.

2) The cost for each plaque will be $20.00; $7.50 will cover the cost of the plaque and $12.50 will be contributed to the "Angels". In order to get the $7.50 price for the plaques we will have to order 20 at a time; when orders are placed we will place them on "hold" until we have 20 and then place our order.  When we are able to order larger quantities at one time the price of the plaque decreases which will increase the amount that is contributed to Angels with Misplaced Wings.

**We want every one to be able to participate in this memorial. If the cost of $20 is not within your financial means please contact Daddy Jeff at ohana@angelswithmisplacedwings.org and we can make arrangements.

3) Plaques will be 1.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, in a nickle finished brass treated to withstand the outdoor elements.

4) To keep the cost for the plaques reasonable we are limited on the engraving; there will be two lines. The top one will be the name of the hooman or animal being honored...first and last names are permitted, or simply a first name. The bottom will feature years of life, ex. 2000 - 2010. Please indicate hooman (H) or animal companion (A).

5) Once the plaques are ordered and received they will be placed, pictures will be taken and posted on our Facebook page. We will also be working on a map that will let you know where your plaque is located.

We will also be having a large plaque created with the name of the memorial, along with an inspirational quote or writing. Once we have designed that, we will let you know.

Celebrate Life

All sales are FINAL.  No exchanges, returns or refunds will be issues.

**All funds remaining after wholesale cost of item, credit card processing fees and any other expenses to provide this item go directly to the Angels with Misplaced Wings General Fund.

**$7.50 is the fair market value for the physical memorial plaque. According to the most recent information provided by the IRS that amount is not tax deductible.  The remaining $12.50 is a contribution  and should be tax deductible.   Please note that Angels With Misplaced Wings is not an authority on tax matters and all final decisions of tax deductibility should be discussed with your tax advisor.

Angels with Misplaced Wings is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Federal Tax ID # 46-2766605); contributions to which are tax deductible to fullest extent allowed by federal income tax law. Please note that Angels With Misplaced Wings is not an authority on tax matters and all final decisions of tax deductibility should be discussed with your tax advisor.

Federal Tax ID # 46-2766605